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The European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) brings together European umbrella organisations of neurological patient advocacy groups, to work with other associations in the field of neurology, including the European Academy of Neurology (EAN), in what has been termed a “Partnership for Progress“.

Our Vision

A better quality of life for people in Europe living with a neurological disorder.

Our Mission

  • To influence policy makers and legislators in Europe (and particularly in the European Union) to prioritise resource allocation to reduce the burden for people living with a neurological disorder.
  • To communicate with our members to achieve positive change and to ensure that our actions both represent and provide added value to their own concerns and activities.
  • To establish strong partnerships and alliances with relevant stakeholders in the scientific, clinical, political and corporate arenas to help us to reach our goals – partnership for progress.

Our Values

  • Trustworthiness and transparency – we will be open, honest and ethical in all we do.
  • Respect and democracy – we respect one another’s differences and contributions.
  • Sustainability – we will make best use of our resources to bring about changes that produce permanent benefits for our members and will plan our activities to ensure EFNA’s future.

EFNA’s aims are:

  • To improve the quality of life of people with neurological disorders, their families and carers
  • To promote rapid and accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment, rehabilitation and care for people with neurological illnesses
  • To promote better access to information which is accurate and easy to understand
  • To promote public awareness and understanding of neurological conditions
  • To eliminate prejudice and stigma associated with neurological disorders
  • To increase priority given to neurology by policy and decision makers and by health care providers.

The Federation fulfils its aims by working through:

  • The European Commission and the European Parliament
  • Collaboration with relevant health professionals
  • Collaboration with other relevant organisations
  • Organisation of conferences and educational workshops
  • Preparation of guidelines on the optimum management of neurological conditions
  • Collaboration in the organisation and promulgation of international collaborative research projects
  • Collaboration in the establishment of registers and other databases of centres of treatment, teaching and research in the neurological conditions
  • The publication of newsletters, a directory of members and other publications including the development of electronic media
  • Campaigning at the European level
  • Assist in the development of patient support organisations
  • All other activities the EFNA General Assembly (GA) may deem appropriate.

Whilst remaining independent, EFNA will closely co-operate with the European Academy of Neurology (EAN) and all other agencies in this field.

EFNA is registered in Belgium as an Association Sans But Lucratif (ASBL) #0543319269 | Website by www.bizify.ie

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